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Fellow Zade shippers:

We will get through this difficult week ahead of us by sticking together. We must remain united as one. Just look at the GIF set and take a deep breath.

As Mother Goose once said, “Zeorgie Porgie kissed and made each other cry and then everyone died.” That is definitely how that nursey rhyme goes. Hart of Dixie writers planned that out so that someone could make a true statement about the Zeorge ship while also relating to our childhoods. Ingenious.

Even though my Zade feels are slightly unsteady right now, I will Move Along.

The Zade beginning-scenes are always my favorite ♥

Zoe and Wade always just seem so smitten with each other, especially after last week’s end scene. *Sigh* Happier times

And then there’s Wade avoiding George so that he could stay with Zoe all morning

Their entire relationship growth lately is just too cute and of course HILARIOUS

Then there’s the fact that Wade was an EAGLE RANGER?

Then there’s George trying to keep talking to Wade. 

Wade agreeing to go on the Eagle Ranger trip JUST to avoid George

George following Wade onto the trip

More importantly, the fact that there was no Zade scene with Zoe saying how much she’ll miss Wade for those lonnnng 48 hours…

 I wanted that so badly.

Lemon and Zoe scheming together against Ruby


George cornering Wade about his “question”

…when it was just about Tansy

When Wade couldn’t let go of the “brownie,” but wanted the “cookie” all to himself

That kiddo with Wade the entire trip. He was sassy and I loved him.

Zoe asking to talk to George when she CALLED Wade.

Wade opening up to the boy in the tree…eating cookies

Wade finding a way for the kiddo to be in the race so that he could feel included, but also not make a fool of himself

Wade and George clearing their air



GEORGE NOT CARING? LIKE WHAT? You claim to be sooooo into Zoe, but you don’t CARE about her being with another guy? I think I would have rather had George upset. I mean that REALLY shows that George does not care one bit about Zoe, or cares more about Wade…either case, it proves that Zeorge will never work out..so mied emotions of happy/WTF on that part.

That Zade ending scene… At first, I was truly DEEPLY heart-breakingly upset about it. Now, I think I’ve caught on to the writers. Obviously this stung our shippers’ hearts a little [a lot], but it opened the conversation. Wade needs to get over the past and accept his relationship and his WORTH  to Zoe. Obviously Zoe was caught off-guard…yes, her reaction was a little…I won’t even, but we all know by now that she cares about Wade. Heck, she practically jumped into his arms in earlier episodes. Their relationship definitely changed with that last scene, but hopefully it is for the better.

This next week is going to be hard.

P.S. A HUGE  thank you to everyone who tuned in, tweeted, and fangirled with me on twitter. I think that it was highly successful for my very first live-tweet! I will definitely be making it a regular part of my routine for my blog! @KateTheFangirl 

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